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Story of a fortune teller

If you have a history, then you must have a story. Psychics are here to stay; they have been around since the beginning of time. They are in the bible as well. I went to fortune teller years ago, and she knew more about me than I would want anyone to know. It is not the job that I would pick for myself, but I would love to know how they do what they do.

I actually do believe in psychics. Since I was a child, my entire family has felt, without a doubt, that my mother is psychic. I also have had a psychic reading done over the phone, and while some of the readings were very general, I have had a few that were so specific it made my jaw drop!
My two cents here comes from a friend that has now passed on. My friend Rubin taught me about sorcery, magic, and witchcraft and was also an incomplete quadriplegic. He had full tactile sense but could not move his body from the neck down. Anyway, Rubin had been in touch with his magical energies early in life, he was his spinal injury occurred at 12 years old. So he had taught himself to read and write with a stick in his mouth, and other very amazing things as a quad. But he amazed me, that he had been doing psychic readings (his mediums of choice were crystal ball and psychic auras) to earn a living since 13. Ed (for we were friends, less than a mentor or student) once said to me, when I was anxious about what I should do with my life, career, college etc. These were his words, ” All people have jobs that they are drawn to do, choose to do, get paid to do, and even are forced into doing. But the job you are born to do will never stop being your job. Since I was born with the gift of sight, call it sorcery, witchcraft, soothsaying, or satanic powers from hell (Ed loved his theatrics), it is what I do for a living. I am a worker employed by the magical powers that be. You don’t see Gandalf the wizard taking part-time jobs as a busboy, but he does do fireworks shows for hobbits on their birthdays.

Wise people and magically gifted souls always have their fall back positions, but their job is to be that magical person for their community. Therefore there is no shame in taking material gain from it, as long as you understand that the 3 fold or 10 fold laws, apply directly to your credit cards and bank accounts. Should you be practising tomfoolery rather than being a legitimate seer. Do not ever use psychic powers just to manipulate or steal from those that come for your help; it will burn you. But not using your powers to earn your keep and pay the bills, well even black magic know that is just stupid and evil. Don’t say you practice magic and then tell me you can’t get a job. Talk to the Goddess about your needs, hell pray to Satan if you want, but use magic or don’t. Fence sitters are taking bread out of the mouths of talented witches and wizards everywhere. Love is the will; pay your toll at the door. Love is the Law.” I miss you, Rubin.

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Tales of Fortune Tellers

You must have heard about circus and carnival; these are very entertaining places. People are very interested in going here with their families on weekends and holidays. For the last several centuries, these circuses and carnivals have become a source of entertainment for the people. For centuries these Jokers, Trapeze Artists, trained animals are seen entertaining people in these circuses and carnivals.

But do you know that there was a time when we can see future tellers in these circuses and carnivals? People used to come from far away to these circuses and the Carnivals so that they could meet once these future speakers and get the necessary information about their future. At that time these fortunes were the centre of attraction of the crowd present. These fortune tellers used to predict people’s future through various techniques. Some fortune tellers use Numerology to describe people’s future, some fortune tellers use horoscope and predict their future, some of them uses tarot cards while some of them use Fortune teller balls.

These fortune tellers were happily living their life. Suddenly, their business got affected by the blames of fraud. Some people had said that these fortune tellers are fake and just trying to steal their money by lying. Around the 1930s, many countries of Europe passed a law creating the ban on the fortune tellers. Because of that ban, many of the fortune tellers began to face the problem of unemployment. The Government believed that these fortune tellers should do this with the view of entertainment or to meet the needs of a needy, and in return, they should not take money from them. Thankfully, this ban, which was imposed by the government on the fortune tellers, did not last long and the government had to remove this ban.
I was also recently moved to a carnival where I saw a mysterious woman sitting in a corner with a ball of glass in front of her. When I asked about that ball, she told me that it’s a Fortune Teller ball. I was surprised to know that something like Fortune Teller ball exists in this world, which can be used to see the future. I asked the lady to see my future. She asked me whether I want to know about the future of something specific like about my career or my marriage or my financial growth. I asked her to predict my job. The lady closed her eyes and started chanting some spells in front of that Fortune teller ball. I was interestingly gazing at that woman, after some time this lady opened her eyes and carefully looked at the fortune teller ball. That lady told me that in two to three months there would be the arrival of an opportunity. I have to take advantage of that opportunity because it will help me move towards the goal of my life. About two months later, I got promoted in my company and sent to Thailand for six months to represent the company and for some business deals. After this incident, I started believing in fortune tellers, and I think that everyone should visit a fortune teller at least once in their life.

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Circus, Carnivals and Fortune Tellers- Historical Facts

Nearly every person is interested in knowing the future by going to a fortune teller. But the big question arises when we get a prediction from them. Most of the time they just divert our mind in such a way that we believe that whatever the other person/ fortune teller is saying is the only truth of our life. But this is not entirely true. We need to go back in time to know about these fortune tellers.

The most common methods used in the last few hundred years of fortune telling in Europe and the Americas include astromancy, horary astrology, pendulum reading, board  reading, tasseography (reading tea leaves in a cup), cartomancy (fortune telling with cards), tarot reading, crystallomancy (reading of a crystal sphere), and chiromancy (palmistry, reading of the palms). The last three have traditional associations in the popular mind with the Roma and Sinti people (often called “Gypsies”).

In 1929, Mickette Cuba was fined $100 for a new kind of crime, and that was “Illegal fortune telling”. An undercover policewoman came to her, and she looked into her tea and predicted “a trip across the water” and “a tall, dark man.” For making this prediction, she took 25 cents in return for the premonition. Charging money for fortune telling was illegal at that time, and the Police Department was waging war against “tea rooms of occult nomenclature.” Because most of the fortune tellers call their clients in their tea rooms, make the prediction and charge money for that.  There were many incidents where people did crime just because of these fortune tellers.

Despite the pressure from the police department, tea rooms remained popular, very inexpensive entertainment. In 1935, a hit ballad “In A Little Gypsy Tea Room” reached the top of the international charts. People were crazy about that plus, in a country wracked by the Great Depression, fortune tellers were sources of employment advice, writes Whitaker.
In New York State, claiming a genuine ability to communicate with spirits or lift curses—and getting paid for it—is a class B misdemeanour. Instead, fortune tellers must declare their prophecies are “solely for the purpose of entertainment or amusement.” Nevertheless, New York City streets are still lined with psychics and card readers. After this, these fortune tellers find a new place rather than using Tea rooms they started doing the same in carnivals and circus. Because these were the places where people come for entertainment and as per the law, it was legal. They make the prediction and make money from it. It was accessible and fascinating as well not only for the fortune tellers but for the people as well as this was a very peculiar thing.
After this many machines invented for the fortune telling as this was a very lucrative business for many. Some of them mentioned here-

Verbal Fortune Teller – Mills Novelty Co, c. 1904 – One unique machine, perhaps last version in the world, rests in a museum in Virginia City, Montana. It speaks a recorded voice. This 100-year-old fortune teller was a rare find. It was different from Zoltar which dispense cards; this one actually speaks your fortune from a hidden record player. When you dropped a coin in the slot, her eyes flashed, her teeth chatter, and her voice comes from a tube extending out of the eight-foot-tall box. This machine also tells fortunes of males and females separately.
Madame Zita was a fortune teller in gipsy style. Its electric version was manufactured by Roover Brothers in 1905. It was very famous for its dresses.
Princess Doraldina – Doraldina Corp, c. 1928 – Her beauty attracted the arcade customers from all over the country. This machine was actually moving like a real person, and the whole process of doing the fortune telling was very lifelike.
Zoltan Fortune Teller – you just need to put a 25 cent coin, put the receiver in your ear, press any one of twelve zodiac sign button on the machine and it’s done.
As time passes these machines and fortune tellers were very popular in almost every circus or carnivals. People were so keen to get the readings from the devices as well as from the actual fortune teller. Around 1930 it was not on the priority that every person will get or give you the correct reading about the future but people like the way things have changed of telling someone’s future.

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It’s more than a fair

Every year Hamilton County celebrates a fair which is widely known as Carthage Fair in all over the country. Due to its steady popularity, people from all over the country come here every year near late springs or during summer when it’s celebrated.

Hamilton County Fair is a collective effort of the business and professional people of the County. Every year it is organized by the Hamilton County Agricultural Society. The programs in this fair are both entertaining and educational where many people come from rural and urban areas. This is not the only County fair organized in the Country. There are many counties do these kinds of festivals and carnivals. But Hamilton County Fair is one of the best shows in the country. The primary purposes of these fairs are to involve most of the countrymen to take part in that, share their culture, business, agricultural things, talent, and food.

People are becoming more advanced nowadays but forgetting their old traditional culture and habitat. To teach these things to the new generation, Hamilton County Fair is trying to do every possible way to bring people close to its traditional culture. They believe this is the most natural platform where people show it to the young generation so that they learn from it and take it to the new generation. That is why it is “Both entertaining and educational event of the year.”  It is a place to share new ideas, old culture, what we missed in the last year and what to be remembered. It is the responsibility of the state county to organize such kind of events in its counties so that people get to know the culture and tradition of their own county and show it to others. That is why it is organized mostly in summer because that is the time people have time for their families and they can hang out with them.

There are lots or even tons of events organized in the Hamilton County Fair. Some of them which are very famous among the county men are Pickin Porch, Roaming Entertainers, Friday AgVenture Day, Community Stage, Insane Paintball, Antique Cars, Tractors & Engines, Home Centred Events & Flower Show, Arts & Crafts, Touch & Pet Zoo, Agriculture & Livestock Exhibits, Equine Exhibits & Demonstrations and Commercial Vendors Exhibit.

For shopping, you will find many common and uncommon things which can be handcrafted by old specialists who want to teach others by their unique work. Some of the items are Ladies Accessories, Jewellery, Construction Equipments, Energy Drinks, Allergy Supplies and More. People who come here from different county often ask what best is here to eat, then let me tell you what Hamilton County fair offers you. You can have Kettle Corn, Chicken and dumplings, Barbecued Pork, Beef, Chicken, Smoked Turkey legs, Funnel cakes,  cotton candy, Chicken sirloin on a stick, Slush Puppies and Cokes, French fries, onion rings and blooming onions, Fried Ice Cream and frozen popsicles, Hamburgers and hot dogs And so much more yummy things to eat at the County Fair!

If you visit it at least once, you will get the warm memories which cannot forget it in your lifetime. Hamilton County fair welcomes you every year, so don’t be late…….

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Hamilton County Fair- It’s time to celebrate

This is one of the oldest county fairs in Ohio. It was held in 1820 on the Ezekiel Hutchinson farm, and since 1855 its location is Hamilton County Fairgrounds in Cincinnati’s Carthage neighbourhood. It is held annually by the Hamilton County Agricultural Society. There was a time when it was cancelled due to the American Civil War (1861-1862). It was also the first fair which offered cash rewards in livestock’s competitions.

Though it is a local county fair, it is very much popular in the world for its unique culture. This fair is full of cultural activities, commercial activities and most popularly by agricultural activities. People love to visit it even once to take participate in the competitions which are not only unique in nature but full of entertainment as well. Animal husbandry is also the main event included in this fair. Locals of the county take an active part in all the activities to promote their culture and community to the whole world.
This exhibition takes place every year in the late springs or during summer or early fall. People organised this fair in a way where entertainment is in its centre. People come here to enjoy and share their cultural events. They conduct many exhibitions to showcase their communities’ personalities.

The primary cause to organise this fair every year is to promote the agricultural base. People come to this fair with their livestock’s and show them to others to know how well it is and how it can be better. They sell their cattle and also organise competitions where people participate and win cash price even.

Hamilton county agricultural society also promotes participants to organise events like painting, sculpting, photography, designing ornaments and artistic woodwork. This is the best way to know the talent of those who can enhance it and for those also who want to know the things which are new to them. People play lots of games in these events because games are beneficial for people to compete with others and to know how good they are when playing in a game. It is not only a fair but a carnival also. There are stalls of many things, some for selling the products, some for playing games, some for talent hunt and some for creative ideas. But one thing we need to mention here what we have not covered yet is the delicious food. The food we have here to eat is delicious because many people come here to show other the new recipes they created and share with all.

There is too much fun if you are visiting the fair; there are many things which can be enjoyed by children as well as the adults. You will see lots of swings to ride upon. You will find many artists all around you playing their musical instruments and making you feel that you are special for them. This is the reason why you need to give this county fair a visit at least once because of its worth.

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