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Hamilton County Fair- It’s time to celebrate

This is one of the oldest county fairs in Ohio. It was held in 1820 on the Ezekiel Hutchinson farm, and since 1855 its location is Hamilton County Fairgrounds in Cincinnati’s Carthage neighbourhood. It is held annually by the Hamilton County Agricultural Society. There was a time when it was cancelled due to the American Civil War (1861-1862). It was also the first fair which offered cash rewards in livestock’s competitions.

Though it is a local county fair, it is very much popular in the world for its unique culture. This fair is full of cultural activities, commercial activities and most popularly by agricultural activities. People love to visit it even once to take participate in the competitions which are not only unique in nature but full of entertainment as well. Animal husbandry is also the main event included in this fair. Locals of the county take an active part in all the activities to promote their culture and community to the whole world.
This exhibition takes place every year in the late springs or during summer or early fall. People organised this fair in a way where entertainment is in its centre. People come here to enjoy and share their cultural events. They conduct many exhibitions to showcase their communities’ personalities.

The primary cause to organise this fair every year is to promote the agricultural base. People come to this fair with their livestock’s and show them to others to know how well it is and how it can be better. They sell their cattle and also organise competitions where people participate and win cash price even.

Hamilton county agricultural society also promotes participants to organise events like painting, sculpting, photography, designing ornaments and artistic woodwork. This is the best way to know the talent of those who can enhance it and for those also who want to know the things which are new to them. People play lots of games in these events because games are beneficial for people to compete with others and to know how good they are when playing in a game. It is not only a fair but a carnival also. There are stalls of many things, some for selling the products, some for playing games, some for talent hunt and some for creative ideas. But one thing we need to mention here what we have not covered yet is the delicious food. The food we have here to eat is delicious because many people come here to show other the new recipes they created and share with all.

There is too much fun if you are visiting the fair; there are many things which can be enjoyed by children as well as the adults. You will see lots of swings to ride upon. You will find many artists all around you playing their musical instruments and making you feel that you are special for them. This is the reason why you need to give this county fair a visit at least once because of its worth.

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