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It’s more than a fair

Every year Hamilton County celebrates a fair which is widely known as Carthage Fair in all over the country. Due to its steady popularity, people from all over the country come here every year near late springs or during summer when it’s celebrated.

Hamilton County Fair is a collective effort of the business and professional people of the County. Every year it is organized by the Hamilton County Agricultural Society. The programs in this fair are both entertaining and educational where many people come from rural and urban areas. This is not the only County fair organized in the Country. There are many counties do these kinds of festivals and carnivals. But Hamilton County Fair is one of the best shows in the country. The primary purposes of these fairs are to involve most of the countrymen to take part in that, share their culture, business, agricultural things, talent, and food.

People are becoming more advanced nowadays but forgetting their old traditional culture and habitat. To teach these things to the new generation, Hamilton County Fair is trying to do every possible way to bring people close to its traditional culture. They believe this is the most natural platform where people show it to the young generation so that they learn from it and take it to the new generation. That is why it is “Both entertaining and educational event of the year.”  It is a place to share new ideas, old culture, what we missed in the last year and what to be remembered. It is the responsibility of the state county to organize such kind of events in its counties so that people get to know the culture and tradition of their own county and show it to others. That is why it is organized mostly in summer because that is the time people have time for their families and they can hang out with them.

There are lots or even tons of events organized in the Hamilton County Fair. Some of them which are very famous among the county men are Pickin Porch, Roaming Entertainers, Friday AgVenture Day, Community Stage, Insane Paintball, Antique Cars, Tractors & Engines, Home Centred Events & Flower Show, Arts & Crafts, Touch & Pet Zoo, Agriculture & Livestock Exhibits, Equine Exhibits & Demonstrations and Commercial Vendors Exhibit.

For shopping, you will find many common and uncommon things which can be handcrafted by old specialists who want to teach others by their unique work. Some of the items are Ladies Accessories, Jewellery, Construction Equipments, Energy Drinks, Allergy Supplies and More. People who come here from different county often ask what best is here to eat, then let me tell you what Hamilton County fair offers you. You can have Kettle Corn, Chicken and dumplings, Barbecued Pork, Beef, Chicken, Smoked Turkey legs, Funnel cakes,  cotton candy, Chicken sirloin on a stick, Slush Puppies and Cokes, French fries, onion rings and blooming onions, Fried Ice Cream and frozen popsicles, Hamburgers and hot dogs And so much more yummy things to eat at the County Fair!

If you visit it at least once, you will get the warm memories which cannot forget it in your lifetime. Hamilton County fair welcomes you every year, so don’t be late…….

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