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Tales of Fortune Tellers

You must have heard about circus and carnival; these are very entertaining places. People are very interested in going here with their families on weekends and holidays. For the last several centuries, these circuses and carnivals have become a source of entertainment for the people. For centuries these Jokers, Trapeze Artists, trained animals are seen entertaining people in these circuses and carnivals.

But do you know that there was a time when we can see future tellers in these circuses and carnivals? People used to come from far away to these circuses and the Carnivals so that they could meet once these future speakers and get the necessary information about their future. At that time these fortunes were the centre of attraction of the crowd present. These fortune tellers used to predict people’s future through various techniques. Some fortune tellers use Numerology to describe people’s future, some fortune tellers use horoscope and predict their future, some of them uses tarot cards while some of them use Fortune teller balls.

These fortune tellers were happily living their life. Suddenly, their business got affected by the blames of fraud. Some people had said that these fortune tellers are fake and just trying to steal their money by lying. Around the 1930s, many countries of Europe passed a law creating the ban on the fortune tellers. Because of that ban, many of the fortune tellers began to face the problem of unemployment. The Government believed that these fortune tellers should do this with the view of entertainment or to meet the needs of a needy, and in return, they should not take money from them. Thankfully, this ban, which was imposed by the government on the fortune tellers, did not last long and the government had to remove this ban.
I was also recently moved to a carnival where I saw a mysterious woman sitting in a corner with a ball of glass in front of her. When I asked about that ball, she told me that it’s a Fortune Teller ball. I was surprised to know that something like Fortune Teller ball exists in this world, which can be used to see the future. I asked the lady to see my future. She asked me whether I want to know about the future of something specific like about my career or my marriage or my financial growth. I asked her to predict my job. The lady closed her eyes and started chanting some spells in front of that Fortune teller ball. I was interestingly gazing at that woman, after some time this lady opened her eyes and carefully looked at the fortune teller ball. That lady told me that in two to three months there would be the arrival of an opportunity. I have to take advantage of that opportunity because it will help me move towards the goal of my life. About two months later, I got promoted in my company and sent to Thailand for six months to represent the company and for some business deals. After this incident, I started believing in fortune tellers, and I think that everyone should visit a fortune teller at least once in their life.

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